Freedom School Class – Thursday, April 17 – The Philosophy, History, and Politics of Anarchism



This class was supposed to happen last week but was postponed until this week. We will be discussing the tenets of anarchism as both a philosophy and a tool for social and economic change. Anarchy is a topic not widely covered in standard classes of history or politics, though there is a great deal of literature on anarchy itself. Because it’s tenets are not more broadly known, there remain many inaccurate depictions of anarchists as well as what anarchy is and looks like. From the late 19th and early 20th centuries, anarchists (and anarcho-syndicalists) were the major driving force of Left wing politics in the United States seeking reforms to perceived ills such as lack of worker’s rights and the ability for laborers to organize. Anarchy was a highly visible and viable political option and force for much of the early 20th century in many different countries.

We will cover the origins of the term and the philosophical foundations of what we understand to be anarchy today as well as historical examples of anarchists and their efforts to realize their vision in spite of the state monopolies on power and force. Of particular note will be anarchists of the past and how their take on anarchy differentiates from group to group, participatory economics (“parecon”), anarchy and capitalism, the DIY ethos and self-determination, concepts of property, direct democracy, definitions of liberty in line with anarchist principals and what anarchy looks like today.

As usual, class will be at 6:30pm and dinner will be served at 6:00pm.




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