Freedom School Class – Thursday, April 24 – Crisis, Resistance, and Horizontalism – Argentina and the 2001 Uprising



In 2001 the government of Argentina went bankrupt and the country was thrown into political and economic turmoil. Bank accounts froze for working people while the rich were allowed to withdraw millions. The middle class was thrown into poverty overnight. The people rose up, chanting “Que se vayan todos” (they all must go) as four presidents were ousted from office. The rebellion ushered in a new politics in the form of horizontalidad or “horizontalism” whereby people rejected the politics of the ruling political parties and business elites in favor of a politics rooted in concepts of autonomy, direct democracy, popular neighborhood assemblies and democratic workplaces. Workers under the banner “occupy, resist, produce” occupied factories and businesses and started to run them democratically without any bosses. Come to this exciting class to discuss the uprising in Argentina, horizontalism, and the new social movements that emerged. We will build off of our past discussions on anarchism and 1930s social movements to see what these movements in Argentina have to to teach us today.

As always, dinner will be served at 6:00pm and class will be from 6:30-8:00.


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