Feminism! – Freedom School Class – Thursday, December 4



There are multiple misconceptions around the term feminism. What is it? What are the roots of feminist thought and action? What does it mean to us and for us? Come to the Freedom School to have a discussion about feminism. We will examine and debunk both historical and contemporary myths about feminism. We will also analyze the relationship between feminism, race and class. As always, we will discuss how this is relevant to us and to our community and what we can learn from it. The class will be taught by Kimberly Williams who is the associate director of the Days-Massolo Center at Hamilton College. She has a background in academia in a wide variety of issues including feminism, poetry, science fiction, race, class, gender, and trauma. She also has a background in social justice activism. She is the founder of an international women’s organization, was active as a student in Ithaca and continues her work around multiple issues of social justice at the Days-Massolo Center.

As always, dinner will be at 6:30pm and will be cooked by our wonderful student-teacher-chef Alicia. Class will start at 7:00 and continue to 8:30.


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